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We are proud to propose Be Hempful Marketing Plan as part of our promotion strategy to spread the word about how CBD products can increase consumers’ health and happiness. Our mission is to create a plan that reaches both customers' and the team’s satisfaction, which was stated in our statement: “Happiness is to Help.”


The CBD product lines are usually misinterpreted as having bad effects, which lead to a decrease in sales and the inability to market these products nationwide. At the moment, the company’s big issue seems to be getting the audience to better understand its product and its benefits. The rapid expansion of the CBD industry over the last several years has resulted in a new market being created but with that appropriate information needs to be given.

Our plan is carefully made after rounds of research in industry, audience perceptions, market, and creative. Besides, we also put our advantages over competitors in consideration:

High-quality products: These high-quality products are also transparent, with many studies published on the website.

Unique target audience: BeHempful focuses on people who want to find alternatives to pharmaceuticals and believes that medicine does not work.

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