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PLG Cares Charity Golf Tournament

PLG Cares was formed in 2018 as a way for our organization to help strengthen the community we live in, while improving the lives of those in need.

Since then, PLG Cares has donated over $100,000 to various local charities and organizations. 


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  • Our 2021 goal was to bring children with life-altering or threatening conditions and their families on the trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. All of this was made possible by this year's partner; Kidd's Kids - a local charity that has helped send over 1,000 kids on this trip within the past year


What we did:



  • $120,000 donations pledged

  • Sponsorships from Cane's, Ananta Energy Source, and Motel 6

  • 70% social media engagements

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